• DIY Panels & Kits

    • 2 x 50mm uPVC Header & Footer Pipes
    • 140 x Rubber Grommets
    • 70 x 7mm Black Riser Pipes made from Virgin Grade High Density Polyethylene
    • 10 x Polypropylene Strips
    • Size 3m long x 1.2m wide
  • Hi Temp Triple Density Panels

    • 2 x 40mm Polypropylene Header & Footer Pipes
    • High Efficiency Black Rubber Tubes
    • Interlocking couplings included
    • No glue required
    • Size 3m long x 0.8m wide
  • Poolguard in Ground Pool Alarm


    POOL ALARMS DO NOT PREVENT DROWNING AND ARE NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PROPER SUPERVISION AND SAFE SWIMMING PRACTICES. THE POOLGUARD IN GROUND POOL ALARM is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when a child or pet over 5kg, falls into your unsupervised pool. The alarm is equipped with state-of-the-art pool alarm technology –…